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Rheem On-Demand Under Sink Push Button Recirculation Pump Kit

Rheem On-Demand Under Sink Push Button Recirculation Pump Kit

Rheem On-Demand Under Sink Push Button Recirculation Pump Kit
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Rheem  Tankless Water Heater Under Sink Push Button Recirculation Pump Kit - No Dedicated Return Line Needed!

Enjoy fast instant hot water on-demand to faucets, sinks and showers, saving time and greatly reducing hot water waste! The top rated Rheem undersink on-demand tankless water heater recirculation pump kit is the perfect solution for adding instant hot water to an existing water heater piping applications, because no return line is needed. The Rheem tankless hot water recirculation pump kit is able to use the home's existing cold water line as the return. This makes it much easier and affordable for homes without dedicated returns to have instant hot water on-demand without having to tear their floors up to create a dedicated return. Save water, have instant hot water on demand throughout the home, without having to have a dedicated return line with the Rheem tankless water heater under sink recirculation pump kit. The top rated Rheem On-Demand Push Button Under Sink Pump Kit SKU: AP18537 is on sale here at our Tankless Water Heater, Recirculation Pump Kits and Accessories Store at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. 

  • INSTANT HOT WATER – Get hot water where you want it
  • WATER CONSERVATION – Saves up to 12,000 gallons of water per year, not waiting on hot water
  • APPLICATIONS - Retrofit and new construction
  • INSTALL LOCATION – Under sink cabinet of the fixture furthest from your water heater
  • ACTIVATION – Wired push button (included), motion sensor or remote transmitter kits optional
  • PLUMBING REQUIREMENTS – Uses cold water pipe as the return line – no dedicated return line required!
  • COMPATIBILITY – Tank-and tankless Rheem water heaters
  • 400 ft. total pipe length – 3/4" copper pipe • 100 ft. total pipe length – 1/2" copper pipe
  • 008-CT Taco Genie
  • Wired push button
  • Piping diagrams and instruction sheets for ease of installation
  • + 2 Tee fittings
  • + 2 Corrugated flex tubes
Features Sheet - includes features, piping diagrams and activation accessories information (motion sensor and remote transmitter kits) 

Rheem Tankless Models Compatible with this hot water recirculation pump Kit:

• RTG-95 DVLN/XLN-1* • RTG-84 DVLN/XLN-1* • RTG-70 DVLN/XLN-1* • RTGH-95 DVLN/XLN-1* • RTGH-90 DVLN/XLN-1* • RTGH-84 DVLN/XLN-1* • RTGH-95 DVLN/XLN-2* • RTGH-90 DVLN/XLN-2* • RTGH-84 DVLN/XLN-2* • RTGH-68 DVLN/XLN-2

*All models are available in Natural Gas and Propane (LP). For Propane replace “N” with “P” in
model number. Example RTG-95DVLP-1.

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