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Save Money and Space, while Maintaining the Perfect Temperature Inside the Home, and Never Run out of Hot Water, with a the Best New Rheem Residential Condensing Combi Boiler. We Offer Top-Rated, Small, and 95% Energy Efficient Gas Combination Tankless Boilers that Provide Hydronic Central Heating and Endless Hot Water, at the Best Possible Discount Online Sales Prices.

Save Money and Space

Two essential systems every home has to have are its central air heating system, and hot water heater. In the past home owners had to purchase separate systems. However, technology has dramatically improved. We now have the option of purchasing our residential hot water heater, and central air heating system together in a small, energy efficient, and space saving unit. The best new high output Rheem residential gas combi boilers combine Rheem’s top rated instant and endless hot 95% energy efficient condensing tankless water heaters with a hydronic central heating boiler. Rheem’s best new combination gas boilers are compatible with any hydronic heating system. Including hydronic baseboard heaters, radiant flooring, radiators, radiant ceilings, and hydronic air handlers!

Purchasing your residential boiler and water heater separately takes up a lot of valuable space in the home with two large appliances.  New top rated Rheem combination boilers are small. They in inches are only 28.75" tall x 17.31" Wide x 14.81" Deep. About the size of a medicine cabinet, and mount flush against the wall. Rheem’s hydronic gas combi boilers will open up a lot of extra space in your home for storage, extra living space or whatever else you would like. The best new high output condensing Rheem combi boilers are also 95% energy efficient and Energy Star Rated.  Rheem’s combi boilers are often much more energy efficient than buying separate systems. Especially if you are currently using, or thinking about buying a traditional water heater, and not a new, energy efficient, instant and endless hot Rheem condensing tankless water heater.

Buying your home’s broiler and water heater separately will also cost more money than purchasing one small, 95% energy efficient, and space saving top rated Rheem hydronic central heating combination boiler. Not to mention the added energy savings each month off your bill.  Also, because the best new combi boilers from Rheem are as small as they are, they are easily, and affordably shipped. This allows you to find even greater deals shopping online. Shopping for your home’s combi boiler online will allow you to save even more money, by finding the best discount deals, and cheaper sales prices than what traditional stores can offer.

Central Hydronic Heating

The best new Rheem combi boilers are compatible with any hydronic heat emitting device! They have a built-in auto-feeder, which maintains hydronic loop pressure automatically between 12-30 psi. This allows these top rated central heating combination tankless water heater boilers to maintain an ambient temperature inside your home. The unit’s outdoor reset sensor actually tracks outdoor temperatures, and overrides the heating set point as needed to keep the home comfortable when weather changes. They also feature a high output auto boost feature. If the thermostat’s set point has not been achieved in a reasonable time, the new residential Rheem central heating combi boiler and tankless water heater will auto boost the hydronic loop to reach the desired temperature more quickly.

The energy efficient condensing tankless water heating system, and hydronic boiler are completely separate systems within one small, compact and powerful unit. It does not matter if your home is using hot water or not, it will not impact the Rheem combination boiler’s hydronic central heating system. The best new high output Rheem combination boilers hydronic central heating system will maintain ambient temperatures inside your home, at all times. No matter where you live, how cold it gets outside, or the size of the home. The new, top-rated, small and energy efficient residential condensing combi boilers from Rheem will maintain the set temperature at all times.

New Rheem Combi Boilers Work With:
  • Hydronic Baseboard Heating
  • Radiant Flooring
  • Radiators
  • Radiant Ceiling
  • Hydronic Air Handlers

Tankless Water Heating and Sizing

Besides being an amazing central hydronic heating system, the best residential gas combi boilers from Rheem are top rated, energy efficient and endless hot condensing tankless water heaters. Rheem combi boilers and condensing tankless water heaters only heat the water you are using, as you are using it. Traditional tank water heaters have to continuously use energy to keep the water in the tank hot for your next use.  This is what is called stand by losses. Stand by losses are one of the most expensive, and wasteful uses of energy any home owner can have, and are completely eliminated by buying an energy efficient tankless water heater, or the best Rheem hydronic central heating gas combi boiler. Completely eliminating stand by losses by only heating the water that you are using as you are using it, with a new, top rated, 95% energy efficient residential Rheem tankless water heater, or small condensing combination gas boiler will save you a lot of energy, and money. 

The other great thing about heating the water that you are using as you are using it, with the best high output combi boiler, is you will never run out of hot water! Unlike a traditional water heater with a specific amount of stored hot water before it runs out, and has to then refill the and heat the new water. The larger the tank the more hot water you would have before it runs out. However, the larger it is the longer it takes to refill and heat when it runs out of hot water. Also, the more water there is more energy it takes to heat it, and keep it hot. Simply put, the bigger the tank is the more the stand by losses are going to be, and the longer it will take to refill and heat. Rheem’s top rated combination central heating boiler and condensing tankless water heater systems have powerful stainless-steel heating chambers that instantly heat incoming water to your set temperature. This means that as long as you have gas your home will have hot water. With the best high output Rheem tankless water heaters and condensing combi boilers it does not matter how big your bath tub is, how long of a shower you take, or many showers will be taken back to back to back, your home will never, not ever run out of hot water. However, it is important to make sure the combination hydronic central heating boiler you buy has enough BTU’s to heat the amount of hot water heater you need at once to your desired temperature.

If you are trying to heat more hot water at once than you have BTU’s for Rheem combi boilers and tankless hot water heaters will not run out of hot water. The water will just not get as hot as you would like. This does not mean that you cannot use that much hot water at once. It just means you need to buy a new, top rated, small and energy efficient Rheem residential combi boiler with enough BTU’s to heat the GPM (Gallons Per Minute) of water you will be using all at once. To size a tankless water heater, or the best condensing high output gas combi boiler, you need to calculate the max GPM you would use, and the temperature rise you need to get the incoming water temperature (when it is at its coldest) heated to the desired outgoing water temperature. As long as you do that, or call to get some help sizing the best system for your home's hot water needs, you will be very happy with your new residential Rheem gas combi boiler. No matter how cold your incoming water temperature is in the winter, or how much hot water you would use at once, there is a small, space saving 95% energy efficient Rheem combination residential hydronic central heating boiler and tankless water heater system that is perfect for your home’s needs.

Why Choose a Rheem Combi Boiler

There are a variety of combination residential gas boilers for sale from a variety of manufactures. However, Rheem has spent years developing their new energy star rated high output combi boilers. They feature the latest, best and easiest to use technologies, are simple to install, have an amazing 10-year warranty on the hot water heating chamber, and a 5-year warranty all other parts. The hydronic central heating boiler, and condensing tankless hot water heater’s stainless-steel heating chamber are completely independent systems sharing one small, space saving unit that easily mounts against the wall. Rheem’s well known for manufacturing some of the best, most affordable, and energy efficient condensing tankless water heaters, and hydronic central heating boilers. After years of development their residential combi boilers perfectly pair the two into a one small, space saving and 95% energy efficient unit, perfect for any home.  

When buying Rheem, in addition to getting their top-rated and affordable condensing combination boiler, you are also getting their top-rated customer service, and technical support. Rheem stands by their units, and their customers. Rheem’s customer service and headquarters are located in Atlanta Georgia. When you call Rheem support you can rest easy knowing you will be speaking with someone who is a knowledgeable service tech, and is here in the United States. After doing the research you will quickly find that when you compare components, technology, warranty, customer service and reputation you will not find a better, more powerful, energy efficient, easy to install, or operate high output residential condensing combi boiler for sale.

You will also be amazed at how affordable the best Rheem high output residential combi boilers are, and how great of a deal you really get, when compared to inferior units. Especially, when shopping for your new condensing combination boiler online. Rheem’s full line of their best new combi boilers are available here, in our online store, at the best possible cheap discount sales prices.

Features and Benefits of Rheem Condensing Combi Residential Boilers
  • Energy Star Rated
  • 95% AFUE
  • Compatible with any hydronic heat emitting devices including air handlers
  • Saves Space - A Small Tankless Combi Boiler Replaces the Boiler and Water Heater
  • Eliminates Stand By Losses and Never Runs out of Hot Water
  • Built-in Auto-Feeder - Maintains hydronic loop pressure automatically between 12-30 psi
  • Outdoor Reset Sensor - Tracks outdoor temperatures and overrides the heating set point as needed to keep the home comfortable when weather changes
  • Auto Boost Feature - If the thermostat set point has not been achieved in a reasonable time, the combi will auto boost the hydronic loop to reach the desired temperature more quickly

Why Buy Your Rheem Combination Boiler from Us

We offer the best new Rheem residential combi boilers, at best possible cheap discount online sales prices. Being an online business, we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional stores or online mega sites, which are really just order taking sites that cannot offer any help or support. These savings are passed directly to our customers, allowing us to offer the best possible deals, and cheap discount online sales prices, with Free UPS Ground Shipping on new, top-rated, small and energy efficient high output Rheem instant and endless hot condensing combination central heating boilers.  

Our Rheem combination hydronic central heating tankless hot water boilers are split into easy to navigate type-based categories. We also provide detailed product information, specifications and other details on each of the new condensing combi boilers product pages. There you will also find a link to the full spec sheet for more technical information and details.  We are also happy to answer any questions you may have to help you find and buy the best high output gas combi boiler for your home’s needs. You will also find you can easily include any of the installation product you may need to install your new energy efficient Rheem residential combi boiler.

We know that when people are buying a new Rheem combination tankless hot water heater boiler it often means their old system quit working, and they are without heat and/or hot water. This is why orders made before 2:30 PM Pacific Time Monday – Friday (not including major holidays) are shipped that same day, and will arrive within 1 – 7 days of your purchase, depending on where you live.  You can also rest easy know your residential Rheem combi boilers ship Free with UPS’s top-rated flex partial insurance, providing top to bottom protection. We hope you will check out our new top-rated Rheem condensing residential combi boilers, and if you have any questions, or need any help finding the best high output combination hydronic central heating boiler for your needs, do not hesitant to give us a call.