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Get Instant and Endless Hot Water for Outside Showers or Whole Homes While Saving, Space and Money with the Best Rheem Exterior Wall Mounted Outdoor Gas Tankless Water Heaters. We offer Rheem’s Full Line of Top Rated Energy Efficient On-Demand Outdoor Installed Inline Tankless Water Heating Systems, at Discount Online Sales Prices.

Outdoor Instant and Endless Hot Energy Efficient Tankless Water Vs. Traditional Gas Powered System 

There are very few modern comforts more beneficial or enjoyable than hot running water for showers, washing hands, dishes, bathes, laundry and other cleaning. It is easy to take your hot morning shower, or relaxing evening bath for granted, that is until you no longer have hot water. There is nothing worse than running out of or not having hot water. This is one of the main reasons why so many Americans are choosing the best, most energy efficient, instant and endless hot small exterior wall mounted, whole home Rheem outdoor installed gas powered tankless water heaters, over traditional hot water heating systems. Traditional gas water heaters run out of water after you use the volume of hot water it can hold. You then have to wait for it to refill and heat the new water. The larger the hot water heating system is, the more hot water it can hold. However, it also takes longer to refill and reheat. These types of residential gas-powered whole home water heaters are also not very energy efficient. They waste a ton of energy, because these gas-powered whole home water heaters have to continuously use energy keeping the water hot for when it is needed. This is called the stand by losses. For houses with traditional gas-powered water heating systems stand by losses are the biggest energy expense. Plus, these traditional water heaters are big, bulky, take up a ton of space and can only be installed indoors.  

Top rated, energy efficient, small, outdoor Rheem gas-powered tankless water heaters are installed outside. They are typically mounted on the outside of an exterior wall of the home. However, they are also often used for outdoor showers as well. Because the best Rheem outdoor tankless on demand water heaters are relatively small, they are easy to mount to any exterior wall. Having an exterior wall mounted Rheem instant and endless hot gas tankless water heater will prevent precious space inside the home from being wasted. Exterior wall mounted Rheem outdoor inline tankless water heaters are also much easier to install than traditional residential water heating systems. Unlike traditional whole home gas water heaters, the best Rheem tankless water heaters are small and easy to move around. Because energy efficient outdoor on-demand tankless water heaters are installed outside the home there is not any expensive or difficult venting involved.  To install, simply mount the small, energy efficient inline continuous flow Rheem outdoor gas tankless hot water heater on the outside of the house, on an exterior facing wall, using the easy mounting brackets and screws that come with the unit. You then have your water in, water out, gas connection, which is standard ¾” at the unit. However, top-rated Rheem residential gas outdoor on-demand tankless water heaters will get enough gas pressure off a half inch line or larger. The outdoor installed energy efficient space and money saving Rheem tankless hot water heaters also come with a 120-volt power cord, and come exclusively from with a pre-wired thermostat controller from Rheem.

In addition to saving space and being much easier and cheaper to install than traditional whole home residential hot water heating systems, the best Rheem outdoor gas continuous flow tankless water heaters are extremely energy efficient, completely eliminate expensive stand by losses and never run out of hot water. Unlike a traditional hot water heater, top rated small Rheem outdoor gas-powered tankless water heaters only heat the water that you are using as you are using it. This is why energy efficient inline tankless water heaters are often called on-demand hot water heating systems, because they only heat water on-demand as it is needed. The best Rheem tankless water heaters have heating elements with multiple chambers. When you turn on hot water in the house, water starts flowing through the outdoor wall mounted Rheem on-demand tankless water. This turns the unit on. (Rheem units only need .4 gallons per minute to turn on, which is a bathroom sink’s hot water turned on less than half way. Once on this can be reduced down to .1 gallons per minute) As the water flows through the powerful Rheem heating element water is heated to the desired temperature, with a max temperature of 140 degrees for the residential whole home and outside shower gas-powered Rheem exterior mounted inline tankless water heaters. This is also why energy efficient on-demand tankless water heaters are also commonly referred to as instant hot water heaters and endless or continuous hot water heaters. By heating the water that you are using as you are using it you completely eliminate the stand by losses, and never have to worry about running out of water. As long as you have gas, you will never run out of hot water.

Why Choose a Top-Rated Rheem On-Demand Outdoor Residential Tankless Water Heater

When buying an outdoor exterior wall mounted gas powered on demand tankless water heating system you do have a variety of instant and endless hot inline water heating options for whole houses and outside showers. However, if you do a bit of research, you will quickly find there are only a few manufacturers of continuous flow residential water heating systems really worth looking at. Of those, Rheem is the only American brand. Rheem’s headquarters is located in Atlanta. Top rated, energy efficient Rheem tankless hot water heaters and their parts are mostly made in Japan, but they do also have a manufacturing facility in Texas, USA.  In addition to being an American manufacturer of small exterior wall mounted outdoor gas inline tankless water heaters Rheem have some of the best residential warranties in the industry. Boasting a 12-year warranty on their heating element and a 5-year warranty on all other parts.  

Being an American company, Rheem’s customer service is the best, and also located here in the USA. If you ever need assistance, Rheem technical support and warranty support is second to none. In addition, the money, energy and space saving Rheem residential outdoor on-demand gas tankless water heaters have built in condensate neutralizers, making installation that much cheaper and easier. Not to mention these top rated instant and endless hot water heating systems are freeze protected down to negative 31 degrees F. They are also recirculation pump and EcoNet WIFI compatible, have easy to use controllers that provide error code information, and make it easy to set and adjust the outgoing hot water temperature.

Top rated Rheem gas outdoor instant and endless hot tankless water heaters are high altitude compliant up to 8,400 FT above sea level, and are available in both 82% energy efficient non-condensing models, as well as the best 95% high efficiency condensing units. With models ranging from 120,000 max BTUs for smaller 1 – 2 outdoor showers, or whole homes. Up to 199,900 max BTU on demand continuous flow tankless water heating systems for larger 3 – 5 outdoor showers, or whole homes. Top rated, energy efficient, space and money saving Rheem outdoor gas tankless hot water heaters are also very easy to link together when needed for even larger whole homes with colder incoming water temperature. It is for these and other reasons Rheem is one of the largest private manufactures of outside wall mounted outdoor residential whole home, and outdoor shower tankless water heaters in the world. Rheem is also the largest private American manufacturer of instant and endless hot on-demand inline exterior water heating systems.  

Why Buy Rheem Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters from Us

At Rheem’s full line of top-rated, energy efficient exterior wall mounted outdoor continuous flow gas-powered tankless water heating systems. No matter the size of your whole house, climate, number of showers, or whether you are looking for non-condensing 82% energy efficient Rheem tankless outdoor hot water heater, or a 95% high efficiency external wall mounted inline unit, we have the best instant and endless hot outdoor gas Rheem on-demand tankless water for your home, or outside showers, at a cheap discount online sales price. Being a small online based store that works directly with Rheem, and their regional distributor, we are able to cut out the middle men, and many of the expensive operating costs of traditional stores and large online sites also offering top rated, energy efficient Rheem outdoor residential tankless hot water heating systems. These savings are passed directly to our customers, allowing us to offer top-rated energy efficient instant and endless hot whole home Rheem tankless water heaters, at the best possible prices with Free UPS Ground Shipping to the lower 48, and no sales tax for all orders shipped outside of WA State. Also, all of our outdoor gas on-demand instant and endless hot inline Rheem tankless water heaters come with a pre-wired thermostat controller from Rheem.

In addition to the best possible online sales prices, with Free Shipping and No Sales tax on most orders, and pre-wired controller we also pride ourselves on providing the best possible support both before as well as after the sale. We provide detailed product information spec sheets, high resolution photos, and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about sizing or anything else. Our small, energy efficient space, money and energy saving Rheem on-demand outdoor gas tankless water heaters are shipped with UPS top rated flex partial insurance, and backed by Rheem’s industry best warranty. Orders placed Monday – Friday before 2:00 PT are shipped that same business (excluding Federal holidays). Orders placed after are shipped the following business day. Shipping takes 1 – 5 business days with our Free UPS Ground option. We pride ourselves on getting our customers the best instant and endless hot residential Rheem exterior wall mounted outdoor gas powered tankless water heating system for their whole house; or outside shower, at the best possible online sales price, as quickly as possible.

Check our verified reviews and you will see how much our customers enjoy their small, energy efficient, instant and endless hot on-demand Rheem tankless water heaters and their experience shopping with us. If you have any questions, or need any help with sizing please give us a call or send us an email and one of our continuous flow Rheem tankless water heating experts will be happy to help.